Import Export Services

We provides highly specialized and effective consultation services to its clients in the field of Import/Export Licensing, Custom Rules & Regulations etc.

We offer :

  • Issuance of IEC Code, Certificate of Origin from Chamber of Commerce and other Registrations with related Councils etc
  • Any complicated jobs with customs,Shipping lines,airlines or excise etc
  • Re-Import Custom Clearence, Re-Export Custom Clearence and all type of DGFT related jobs etc

We offer free consultancy services to our customers or shipping lines and any customers have doubts of export, import, excise formalities from beginning to end.

Description of services

  • ReImport Custom Clearance
  • ReExport Custom Clearance
  • Export Consignments by Air or Sea
  • Import Consignments by Air or Sea
  • Project Clearances
  • Container stuffing and destuffing

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