Customs Clearing Services

One of the main activities of Sai Krishna & Co. is customs clearance and delivery of cargo. Whether the goods are foodstuffs, machinery or personal effects, our experience and expertise in the clearance to their particular requirements - Whether they be imports, exports, tran-shipments or re-exports.

we offer :

  • Filling of bills of Entry or Shipping bills
  • Applications for duty Exemption
  • Preparation & attestation of documents with chamber of commerce, General Industrial Corporation or any other authority
  • Consultancy on

There is also the matter of duties deposits, redfunds and Sai Krishna & Co.can correctly advice which is applicable in each individual case. The complexities of clearing cargo at the airport or seaport vanish, and delivery of goods is carried out to any destination within UAE in the quickest possible time.We have thourgh knowledge of Tariff Classification, Notification, Customs Act, Customs Rules and Regulation, Duty concesion, Duty Exemption Schemes, SVB Proceedues, Duty Drawback Claim, Customs Duty Refund, Licence Verification, Clearance of capital goods etc. We handle import, re-import,export, re-export of any products.

Sai Krishna & Co.has a team of dedicated professionals who can advice (free of cost) documentation requirements, best modes of transit, savings in freight, packing ideas & local rules and regulations

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